Iran Nomad Tour

Iran Nomad Tour

Duration: 25

Cities: Tehran –Shiraz – Yasuj – Shiraz – Bavanat – Kerman – Zionodin – Yazd – Isfahan – Abyaneh – Qamsar – Kashan – Tehran


Day 01: Arrive Tehran early in the morning, Transfer to hotel, rest, visit National museum, Jamshidieh park, O/N Tehran

Day 02: Excursion to villages around Tehran, O/N Tehran

Day 03: Flight to Shiraz in the morning, transfer to hotel, visit Hafez & Saadi tombs and Ali – ebne – Hamzeh shrine, O/N Shiraz

Day 04: Road to Khone Zenion, Nomad Tour, O/N camping in the village

Day 05: Road to Khoumareh Sorkhi, Nomad Tour, O/N camping in the village

Day 06: Road to Sepidan, Nomad Tour, O/N camping in the village

Day 07: Road to Yasuj, visit beautiful nature, O/N camping in Yasuj

Day 08: Back to Shiraz in the morning, visit Zand complex (Vakil Bath, Arg – e – Karim Khan and Vakil Bazar ) and Saraye Moshir, O/N Shiraz

Day 09: Road to Bavanat, visit Perspilis, Naqsh – e – Rustam, Naqsh – e – Rajab on the way, Nomad tour in around Bavanat, O/N Bavanat

Day 10: Road to Bazm village, visit beautiful nature, O/N Bazm village

Day 11: Road to Kerman in the morning, visit Ganjalikhan complex ( Bath , Caravanserai and Bazar ), Jameh mosque, O/N Kerman

Day 12: Excursion to Rayen, visit Arg – e – Rayen, Shah Nematolah Vali shrine and Prince garden in Mahan, O/N Kerman

Day 13: Road to Zionodin, O/N Zionodin Caravanserai

Day 14: Road to Yazd, visit silent towers, fire temple, Jameh mosque, Mir Chakhmaq mosque, O/N Yazd

Day 15: Road to Ardakan, visit Chak Chak and Kharanagh, O/N Yazd

Day 16: Road to Deh Bala ( a small and Traditional village ), O/N Deh Bala

Day 17: Road to Isfahan, visit Naein on the way, O/N Isfahan

Day 18: Full day city tour of Isfahan,  visit Naqsh – e – Jahan square, Imam mosque, Sheikh Lotfullah mosque, Aliqapu and Chelsotun palaces, O/N Isfahan

Day 19: Visit Jameh mosque, Vank cathedral, Bazar, visit 33 arches bridges and Khaju Bridge in the evening, O/N Isfahan

Day 20: Road to Abyaneh, visit Abyaneh, O/N Abyaneh

Day 21: Road to Qamsar, visit its beautiful gardens and extract juice, O/N Qamsar

Day 22: Road to Kashan, visit Broujerdis house, Fin garden, Sialk hill, O/N Kashan/Abyaneh

Day 23: Visit Bazar in Kashan, O/N Kashan/Abyaneh

Day 24: Road to Tehran via Qom, O/N Tehran

Day 25: Departure flight



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