Iran – the comprehensive travel

Iran – the comprehensive travel

Duration: 22


Day 1,: Welcome to Iran!

flight to Tehran, arrival in the evening. arriving each night. Transfer to the hotel. Two nights in Tehran.

Day 2, Sunday, 09/13/2015: Tehran: ancient culture, young artists

After a late breakfast you pishgharavolan tour guide will accompany you on a discovery tour through the Iranian capital. The National Archaeological Museum, the millennia of Persian cultural history are tangible. In the afternoon we see in the National Bank, the crown jewels of the Shah. When visiting a calligrapher in his historic garden-studio will lead the artists over a cup of tea in the traditional art of writing and answer your questions. Persian home cooking is in the evening in a specialty restaurant on the menu.

Day 3,: the Caspian Sea

In Kaswin we are experiencing at the Mausoleum of Schazdeh-Hossein deeply rooted popular piety; the monumental Friday mosque bears witness to the great past of the city. About barren plateaus and impressive mountain passes, it goes over the Elburz Mountains in the green north. We follow the course of the river to Sefid the Caspian Sea. 380 km.

Day 4, Tuesday, 15.09.2015: After Azerbaijan

First, we follow the coast of the Caspian Sea, then the rice fields, kiwi plantations and coastal forests lag behind us, and we go over the mountain pastures of Taleschgebirges. Finally we reach the highland province of Azerbaijan and dive in Ardebil at the grave of Sheikh Safi al-Din (UNESCO Heritage Site) in the world of Islamic mystics one. Our destination is the provincial capital Tabriz. 420 km. Two nights.

Day 5,: For Thaddäuskirche

An excursion takes us through the varied and impressive mountains west of Azerbaijan. Along the way are raised repeatedly on old caravanserais and villages with traditional mud huts. In Thaddäuskloster (UNESCO heritage site), the remains of the apostle Jude Thaddeus are buried according to tradition, the Armenian Christians. <Extratour> 440 km.

Day 6,:Attractions in Tabriz

Tabriz was the most important and largest city in Persia in the Middle Ages. In Azerbaijan Museum we get an overview of the history and culture of the region. The monumental Blue Mosque testifies to the former power of the city. We wander through the historic vaults of the bazaar (UNESCO Heritage) and leave Tabriz southbound on Sahand Mountain along. A detour leads us to Lake Urmia. In the small town of Maragheh we visit the medieval grave towers. 160 km away.

Day 7,: Through Wildest Kurdistan

By rough mountain scenery leads our route to a desert plateau on which lie the ruins of Sasanian sanctuary of Takht-e Suleiman (UNESCO heritage site). Not far away is the Iron Age sanctuary Zendan-e Suleiman. When driving through the residential areas of the Kurds, we learn about the multi-ethnic state and Iran’s ethnic minorities and should reach Sanandaj, the capital of the Iranian province of Kurdistan. 490 km.

Day 8,: Sunnis and Shiites

After visiting a Sunni mosque and the ethnographic museum in Sanandaj we continue to Kermanshah. There we take a tour of the colorful bazaar and a walk through the old city center for a cult building equipped with colorful tiles, were listed in the former Shiite passion plays. At the end of the day is waiting for us on the outskirts of the Sassanid reliefs in the rock caves of Tagh-e Bostan, another highlight of the trip. 140 km.

Day 9, Sunday, 20/09/2015: On the Silk Road

Today we will sail on a section of the ancient Silk Road. Fertile plains alternate with impressive mountain passes. On the way we equip the relief of the Great King Darius (UNESCO Heritage Site) on the mighty “Mountain of God” in a visit to Bisotun. In the afternoon we explore Hamadan, the former capital of the Medes and the Achaemenids. The long history of the ancient Ecbatana illustrate the rock-hewn “Treasuries” of the Persian kings Darius and Xerxes, the stone lion of Alexander the Great and the Seljuk tomb Gunbad Alavian. On the way we will visit the excavations of Borudjerd preserved Median fortress of Tepe-Nusch e Djan. 340 km.

Day 10, Monday, 09/21/2015: In the realm of Elamite

Through the gorges of the Zagros mountains we reach the plain of Khuzestan province, inhabited by an Arab majority. Once created the Elamites here one of the early civilizations of mankind. We visit one of the largest excavation in Susa hills of the Middle East. <Extratour> A trip to the provincial capital Ahwaz Continue to lead us to Chogha-zambil (UNESCO heritage site). The cuneiform writing on the monumental step pyramid testify to the power of the Elamite kings past. 560 km.

Day 11,: The “black gold”

On our way we pass the oil fields Khosistans – a good opportunity to talk about the energy policy of the country. Why does one of the largest oil producers in the world nuclear power plants? Your guide knows more on the subject. We reach the high valleys of the Zagros mountains and traversed postcard worthy mountain landscapes on our way to the palaces and reliefs of Sassanidenstadt Bishapur. In Shiraz we are in the home country of the Persians. 580 km. Three nights in Shiraz.

Day 12,: The gardens of Shiraz

In the morning we take the weather on: “Lured by the scent of roses …” we explore Shiraz, the city of the Persian paradise gardens (UNESCO heritage site). Here lived and worked in the Middle Ages two of the greatest poets of Persia: Saadi and Hafiz. At the garden tombs of the two poets are your Studiosus rep a taste of classical Persian poetry. Touched we plunge into the bustle of the old city bazaar. On foot, it goes on to the glorious town house of Notabelnfamilie Quavam and Nasir-al-Molk Mosque. The afternoon is yours.

Day 13: Ruins of Persepolis

A highlight of the trip: Persepolis (UNESCO Heritage Site), was once a grand residence of the ancient Persian great kings. We reach over stone steps to the entrance, the “Gate of all countries”, where we remember the tolerance of the Persians against the faith and the culture of the conquered peoples. Also nearby are located in Nagsch-e Rustam, the carved in the stone tombs of Persian kings. A detour brings us to Pasargadae (UNESCO Heritage Site), where we turn out the Great the tomb of Cyrus our reverence. 270 km.

Day 14,: From Shiraz to Kerman

On the way to the east give us the ruins of Sarvestan riddle: Was there once a Zoroastrian fire temple, a hunting palace of Bahram Sassanidenherrschers or a dome from the early Islamic period? We pass barren salt lakes that contrast alternating with fertile orchards. Once again, the Zagros Mountains towering in front of us, then it goes through the foothills of the central Iranian desert to Kerman, once an important caravan city. 550 km. Two nights.

Day 15,: Excursion to Bam

A day trip will take us to the edge of the desert Lut past first after Mahan. There at the magnificently equipped tomb of a Muslim mystic and Sufi master pilgrims gather for prayer. Horticulture at its best we see in Baghe shazdeh of Mahan (UNESCO heritage site). Then emerges like a mirage oasis Bam (UNESCO Heritage Site) on the horizon. A massive earthquake destroyed large parts of the 2003 adobe buildings in the old town, which is currently re rises again! Here is but also tinkered on the future of the country; in a car factory, we speak with a representative and find out how the emerging country is trying to develop their own industries. 390 km.

Day 16, Sunday, 09/27/2015: On the road to Yazd

Today morning we devote to the center of Kerman to the Friday Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. Set in an old bathhouse today an ethnographic museum has been established, which offers an excellent insight into the past lives of this ancient trading town. Then it goes on caravanserais and oasis villages passing on to Yazd. Definitely go there a taste of the famous pistachio. 390 km. Two nights in Yazd.

Day 17, Monday, 28/09/2015: City of Zoroastrians

On the Towers of Silence, the Zoroastrian earlier took off their dead. Yazd is the center of this ancient religion that worships the fire. The still active fire temple is one of the most important Zoroastrian cult buildings in the country. During a tour of the Old Town includes wind towers that once cooled the traditional mud huts, and subterranean cisterns. The crowning glory: the shining in turquoise and blue tones Friday Mosque, a masterpiece of Persian architecture. The rest of the day is at your leisure!

Day 18,: Meybod and Nain

On our way to Isfahan, we stop to climb the Lehmziegelzitadelle of Meybod. In the now famous for its fine silk carpets Nain town we visit the Friday Mosque, the oldest mosque still in use in Iran. The neighboring ethnographic museum has been established in an old mansion and has a good insight into the past lives of the local upper class. 330 km. Three nights in Isfahan.

Day 19,: Fairytale Isfahan

With its turquoise domes and majestic bridges Isfahan attracts every visitor in his spell. The so-called 40-column palace has only 20 columns. Why? Your guide knows the answer. From the terrace of Ali Kapu Palace, we have the best view of one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Meidan-e Imam (UNESCO heritage site). Originally planned as a polo field, enclose the space ornate arcades, shops and magnificent buildings. The architectural highlight of the city form the colorful Lotfollah Mosque and the majestic Imam Mosque. Christianity in Iran? Also, there is! In the Armenian Quarter New Dscholfa we visit the magnificently painted Vank Cathedral and the adjoining Museum of Armenian art and culture. In the vicinity there is also an active fire temple. There we meet a member of the Zoroastrian community, who gladly answered our questions.

Day 20,: Mosque and bridges

This morning we take time for the old city center of Isfahan with the Friday Mosque of Seljuk (UNESCO heritage site). On foot, it continues through the bustling bazaar. A walk takes us through the stone bridges. The afternoon is at your leisure. On Meidan-e Imam can look fabric printers, coppersmiths and miniaturists over your shoulder or just watch the fountains, the horse-drawn carriages and the hustle and bustle in the square. In the evening at our farewell dinner we leave the intensive impressions of our trip reminisce.

Day 21,: Back to Tehran

We left Isfahan and drive to the foothills of the central Iranian desert salt along to Kashan, where we visit the former city residence of Borudjerdi family with its impressive wind towers and domes. About the foothills of the central Iranian desert, we pass the holy city of Qom, where once Ayatollah Khomeini had – the opportunity to discuss his role in the recent Iranian history. Afternoon arrival in Tehran. 390 km.

Day 22,: Return flight from Tehran

At night, return flight to your country

your hotels
City                    Nights                   Hotel
Tehran                    2                    Laleh  **** (*)
Bandar Ansali       1                    Sefid Kenar ***
Tabriz                      2                        Pars  *****
Maragheh              1                       Darya ***
Sanandaj                 1                     Schadi ****
Kermanshah           1                   Azadegan ****
Borudjerd               1                     Zagros ****
Ahwas                     1                      Pars ****
Shiraz                      3                     Pars  **** (*)
Kerman                   2                    Pars  **** (*)
Yazd                         2            Moshir al-Mamalek ****
Isfahan                    3               Abbasi  *****
Tehran                     1                 Laleh  **** (*)


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