Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Iran – Islamic civilizations

Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Iran – Islamic civilizations

Duration: 17


Day 1: Flight to Uzbekistan

Train travel 1st class to the selected airport and afternoon flight with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Tashkent (flight time from Istanbul about 4.5 hrs.).

Day 2,: Tashkent: Orient modern

Morning arrival in Tashkent. Together with the Pishgharavolan guide and direct transfer to your hotel room reference. After a late breakfast we go to the old town. Gewaltig the madrasa Barak-Khan and the Kaffali Template ski Mausoleum rise before us. In the Neustadt Change socialist prefabricated off with stylish banking giant and oriental arches. Then stroll through the modern pedestrian area. <Extratour> Late afternoon is at leisure.

Day 3,: On the Silk Road to Samarkand

Fruit and cotton fields line the road to Samarkand – the main supplier for Western supermarkets and fashion tsar, again under criticism for alleged forced labor and child labor. Then is Samarkand (UNESCO Heritage Site) in front of us. 330 km. Visit the Gur Emir, the mausoleum Amir Timur. Stuffed dumplings and noodles lure us then in a former caravanserai for dinner. Dancers twirl in front of us in the night! Two nights in Samarkand.

Day 4,: Samarkand – the legend lives on

Proud rise the famous madrasahs, former Koran schools on the Registan Square. Thousands blue mosaic flash against us here and in the Bibi-Khanum Mosque. Orient pur awaits us at the nearby bazaar! The observatory of Ulug Beg we get the stars from the sky before we encounter on the road of tombs of Shah-e Sinda Samarkand ancestors. 40 km away.

Day 5,: overland to Bukhara.

Trip to Bukhara. About halfway, middle of the desert, is a monumental gate that appears to lead nowhere: The rest of the caravanserai Rabat-i-Malek. Just outside the city, the summer residence of the last Emir of Bukhara spans across the plain. On Labi-Hauz Square (UNESCO Heritage Site) can Bukhara night steals the show. 300 km. Two nights in Bukhara.

Day 6,: Glamorous Bukhara

In the old town we experience the magic that radiates from this oasis. It klackert and crashes into the vaults of the domed bazaars: Schuster, scissors makers and Gold Sticker greet us on the way to the Islamic center. Then we head to the mosque, the Ark citadel and the Mausoleum of the Samanids. <Extratour>

Day 7,: On to Turkmenistan

Smooth transition: In Farab we cross the Turkmen border. Rippled sand hills pile up in front of us in the Karakum Desert on – a fascinating wilderness! Like a mirage appeared saving the oasis city of Mary on the horizon. 380 km. Salam alaikum! So we welcomed a Turkmen family at home. Traditional dishes such as crispy fried pieces of lamb with rice, the stew plov and filled pastries are offered.

Day 8,: In the ruins of Merv

Leap into the past: In the vast field of ruins of Merv (UNESCO Heritage) met us in the Middle Ages. Your guide will show you how the residents using natural cisterns and refrigerators the inhospitable living conditions defied. A short flight with Turkmenistan Airlines brings us in the evening in the golden sparkling capital Ashgabat. 60 km away. Two nights in Ashgabat.

Day 9,: attractions Ashgabat

Come along to the gates Aschgabats by Nissa (UNESCO Heritage Site), the ancient Parthian city! At the National Museum we dive deeper into the story. Ultramodern and gigantomanic then Ashgabat welcomes us at the City Tour. 40 km away.

Day 10,: The Holy City of Mashhad

The border with Iran is just a short distance away. In Mashhad, the most important sanctuary of Shia Islam is on Iranian soil: the Mausoleums complex Imam Reza, which attracts many pilgrims. After visiting the farm equip the Goharshad Mosque is a visit (only outside visit possible). 280 km.

Day 11,: By train to Tehran

In the morning it goes by train along the central Iranian desert salt west (journey time approx. 8 hours). Here once ran the main route of the Silk Road. Two nights in Tehran.

Day 12,: Tehran between yesterday and today

At the National Museum millennia of Persian cultural history are palpable; the carpet museum we admire artful masterpieces of weaving art. Then we visit an Iranian artist in his studio. In an interview, we learn about the thriving arts scene in the Islamic Republic.

Day 13,: After Isfahan!

On the way, we have an opportunity to talk about the opening of the Company since the election of President Rohani. In Isfahan we expect the Friday Mosque with its over 1000 years history of building. A walk through the bazaar offers an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Persian spice customer. To end the day we stroll over the stone bridges. 390 km. Two nights in Isfahan.

Day 14,: The image of the world

Live like a king acts the backdrop of Isfahan. After visiting the 40-column palace we take from the terrace of Ali Kapu Palace have a look at one of the largest and most beautiful places in the world: the Meidan-e Imam (UNESCO heritage site). The space enclose toy shops, mosques and other magnificent buildings today. As Armenian Christians living in the Islamic Republic, we learn when you visit the Vank Cathedral and the museum. Dinner at a specialty restaurant.

Day 15,: In the realm of the ancient Persians

On a barren plain in the highlands is Pasargadae (UNESCO Heritage Site), once the sumptuous first capital of the Persian empire, today a vast field of ruins with remains of palaces and gardens of paradise. Good condition is the tomb of the kingdom’s founder Cyrus. Today’s destination is Shiraz. 480 km. Three nights in Shiraz.

Day 16, , 09/23/2015: The pillars of Persepolis

A highlight of the trip: Persepolis – highlight the ancient Persian culture (UNESCO heritage site). Wherever you look here, archaeological showpieces: the Homa capitally, the Apadana, the 100-pillar hall. In nearby Nagsh-e Rustam contains the tombs of the Persian kings. 90 km away.

Day 17,: Shiraz – the Rose City

Shiraz is the city of the Persian paradise gardens (UNESCO heritage site). At the tombs of poets Hafez and Saadi are your pishgharavolan rep a taste of classical Persian poetry. <Extra tour> From the bazaar we walk through the city residence of Quavam family to Nasir-al-Molk Mosque. Take advantage of the afternoon for your own individual way to say goodbye to the Orient. During the evening your tour guide for a farewell dinner.

Day 18,: Hello, Europe!

After midnight, transfer to the airport and return flight with Turkish Airlines to Istanbul (flight time approx. 4 hours). Morning arrival and flight towards home.

your hotels
City                 Nights                    Hotel
Tashkent          1                        Ramada ****
Samarkand       2                    Grand Samarkand ***
Bukhara            2                      Omar Hayyam ***
Mary                 1                         Mary **** (*)
Ashgabat          2                         Yıldız *****
Mashhad          1                           Pars  ****
Tehran             2                         Laleh  **** (*)
Isfahan             2                         Abbasi  *****
Shiraz               3                        Pars  **** (*)


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